Full Arch Dental Implant Bridge (Hybrid)

Full Arch Dental Implant Bridge (Hybrid)


The Full Arch Dental Implant Bridge and Full Mouth Restoration Protocols are solution-based options that replace all of the teeth on either the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. They are commonly called, hybrids, teeth in a day, all-on-4, or permanent dentures. Many patients arrive having had their natural teeth already removed, while others are just starting to evaluate alternatives to their natural teeth.  No matter your situation we will thoroughly discuss what options are in your best interest. 

Both a surgical provider and Dr. Kumar will be intimately involved in every step of the planning and surgical process.  Both providers will be present at the implant placement to ensure optimal outcomes.  Dr Kumar prides himself on being hands-on and critical over every detail. He strongly feels it is the quality of care every patient deserves. 

Once the decision has been made to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws the following options are available:




Hybrid Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration



Current protocols and advances in materials now allow us to extract your teeth and place temporary teeth on the same day of the extractions so that there is never a time when a patient will go without teeth. 


With extreme accuracy, the dental implants can be surgically placed, typically with a minimally invasive technique. Once the dental implants are healed, final treatment can be completed is as quickly as 4 months. 


Option 1:  A temporary prosthesis in the same shape and look of the final is placed the same day as implant surgery.   This is called immediate temporization.   If chosen  you will have to adhere to a  SOFT FOOD DIET FOR 4 months. This is critical to protecting the implants while they heal.


Option 2:   The implants are covered by your gums while they heal for 3 months and you wear a denture during this time. You can eat and function like normal.  



Hybrid Dual arch Dental Implant Restoration


Many patients choose to have their entire mouth restored at the same time with Upper and Lower Hybrid Full Arch. There are many advantages to having them done simultaneously. Efficiencies exist when working on both jaws at the same time, resulting in reduced appointments, decreased healing time, and the ability to idealize esthetics and tooth position. The typical treatment time is about 4 months. Again with this Protocol, there is never a time when a patient will be without a beautiful set of temporary teeth. Our team is keenly sensitive to a patient's need for comfort during the restorative process and the expectation that the process is completed in as short of a period of time as possible. A written treatment outline will be provided so patients can be aware of what the treatment sequence of appointments will be, as well as the timing between each appointment.

Once complete, the full arch Hybrid provides fully restored function with unparalleled esthetics. Natural smiles are created using the finest modern materials. As we guarantee our prostheses, the only option we offer for general situations is Monolithic Zirconia reinforced with a titanium substructure.  It is the most durable and esthetic option available in dentistry today. 



Follow-up and Maintenance


Once  treatment is complete, there are some recommendations that are important to follow in order to guarantee a long-lasting result. Every Full Arch comes with a night guard to wear for protection of the new teeth at night. Although most patients deny clenching and grinding their teeth at night, many in fact do so on occasion. The night guard will prevent wear and chipping of the materials due to grinding.

There are certain foods that are to be avoided with your new restorations. Anything that requires crushing (ice, hard candy, hard nuts) should be avoided. With a little common sense,  Hybrids should be able to provide long-lasting function with minimal maintenance required. Patients should expect some minor repairs and maintenance over the years. This will vary from patient to patient depending on their habits. 

Upon completion, daily hygiene instructions will be reviewed so that proper daily care can be done to maintain ideal oral health long term. A hygiene recall program will also be established at 3-4 month intervals so that a professional can periodically clean and evaluate the health of both the restorations and the oral tissues. Periodic x-rays will also be taken to check the status of the dental implants and the health of the bone and gum tissues.



Additional Hybridge Dental Implant Full Arch Options



In addition to our standard Full Arch solution, the discovery and use of new materials in the field of dentistry over the past 10 years, such as Zirconia, has opened up an opportunity for those patients who may not have been a good fit for a full arch procedure. We're also excited to introduce our own patent pending advancements in the area of Full Arch Implant Dentistry that we have been developing over the past couple of years. As we lead the way in implementing new and improved methods that continue to elevate patient care, we have been able to create new solutions for patients who may not otherwise be able to take advantage of these life changing full arch dental procedures. To learn more about either of these specialized solutions, please call us at (540) 774-6667.





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