Dear Patient,

 I am thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with Proceed Finance.  I chose Proceed Finance as my partner because they are a compassionate and reasonable lender compared to many of the options available these days.

Long lasting and high-quality dental care can have a high price tag, but the last thing I want is for my patients to delay or forgo life changing care because of harsh financial options.

Proceed finance has no hidden fees or traps, and they structure payment terms just like a car loan. My staff will help you get registered and started in the office if you desire.  Please read on for more information.

- Dr. Kumar 


Proceed Finance specializes in patient financing. Their mission is making life-changing treatments possible for more people, giving you access to financing that's fast, affordable, and fair.

  • Long terms and competitive rates create affordable payments that fully cover most treatment plans
  • Pre-qualify instantly without affecting your credit score
  • Full-amount approvals for a wide range of credit quality
  • No hidden fees, and fixed-rate loans with easy-to-understand terms
  • Visit to learn more. Subject to qualification, terms and conditions apply.


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